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HMS Dreadnought Detail Up Set 1/350th


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Detail View of  HMS Dreadnought Detail Up Set 1/350th

1/350 HMS Dreadnought Detail Up Set

Composed of over 90 Scribed Brass / 4 Photo Etching sheets /
24 Resin Parts / Wooden Deck / Dry Transfer Decal set for one ship kit

Recommended kits: 1/350 Zvezda Dreadnought

Manual Download : Page1 Page2 Page3(correction)

Instruction sheets A3 size

Scribed Brass 99 parts

Photo Etching 4 sheets

Resin 24 parts

Stained with Teak color tone for the protection and expression of real deck.

Outer borders are realized.

Dry Transfer printed by Hobbydecal

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Incomplete kit
Héctor Cárdenas Osorio wrote at 2016-01-16
Excuse me, I want to know why are you sending incomplete kits. The kit says it comes with four sheets of Photo Etched, turned metal pieces and an "STAINED WOODEN DECK". I want to know why my kit doesn't includes the wooden deck. It is not the first time you send me to Mexico City an incomplete Super Detailed kit, throught Jobby Link Japan Store. The other one was the then all new super detail kit for Mikasa wich lacked the torpedoes protection, for wich I am still waiting for an answer. I hope you will give me a soon answer, because I think the clients are not your jokes. I have purchased the super detail kits for New tooling Yamato, K.Georges V, LPD-21 New York, the incomplete one for Mikasa and now the incomplete one for Dreadnought wich in my country are very expensive and I'm waiting for the kit for BB-35 Texas. But if you don't resolve my problem I will not buy any of your kits. God Bless you

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