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What is Drytransfer?: Many merits vs. Some defects


- Dry Transfer is a definitely more realistic medium than existing water slide decals for modeling.

- It is an easier and faster method than decals in transferring and finishing.

- There is no silvering effect after transferring.

- In most finishing cases, you do not need to try to spray and spray with top coats to hide decal film on your work.

- Of course, you also do not need to use other decal solutions or solvents.

- The surface of marking after transferring can be polished flatter than decals.

- Missing transfer dots or fragments can be easily fixed with modeling enamels or paints of the same color.

- Effective long-term preservation

(Well preserved Dry Transfers over 10 years old have been successfully applied without failure)

Yes there are some Defects.

- You need to be more careful not to scratch or crack the transferred marking with rough handling.

- It is impossible to change location after transferring.

- It is harder to transferring on the surface of irregularly curved, sharply bent or tightly cornered areas.

- You need to be more careful in multi transferring than multi decaling (other color markings over the first transferred marking)

- Printing requires a more difficult process, resulting in higher prices.

Things you should be careful in working on NMF(Natural Metal Finish) surface

Thank you Mr. Derek Bradshaw for this comments

There could be adjustment problems with dry tranfers when used on models that have been finished in buffable metallic coatings (Alclad, for example).
The transfers adhere imediately with little pressure (before burnishing), and are likely to tear if repositioned, so please be careful if you are applying these transfers to any model finished with this type of paint.
If the model has a sealing coat of varnish, and then has the tranfers applied, the problem does not occur.
We also advise that, after application of the transfers, that an additional (light) sealing coat of varnish is applied to the model.
Foil finishes, and car type (or other hard silver finishes) are OK, and are not affected in this manner, only the buffable finishes that use powdered metal in conjunction with the paint.


Happy Transferring!

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