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Help Desk: Hobbydecal.com Terms and Policy

1. About Us:

- Hobbydecal is completely dedicated to your total satisfaction.

- If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us.

2. Servicing:

- Our online services are divided into 6 classes

- Limited Edition : Limited items in fixed quantity . These items will never be reprinted or version up.

- What's New : Newly released items during the past 2 months.

- Coming Soon : Items being planned & researched for release within the next 3 months.

- Top Sellers : Best sellers in our stock.

- Warehouse Specials : Specially selected items for modelers at low prices.

- Recommended : Items we are particularly proud to supply to you.

- And others : All our products are released in strictly researched and confirmed states. You would be completely satisfied with them at any time.

3. Membership Registration:

- You should register for membership for placing orders and entering other membership content services.

- Membership registration is free of charge.

- We collect contact information (like email address) during the membership registration

- All personal information collected by Hobbydecal.com will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with any outside parties.

- If you register with Hobbydecal.com, your information will be included in our mailing list, keeping you up to date with recent changes and news from Hobbydecal.com.

- All your information is removed upon request of membership cancellation.

4. Order Process:

- Our site uses an order form for customers to request information, products, and services.

- Contact information from the order forms is used to give you information about realtime order processing and status.

- Only after logging into our web can you place an order.

- In the checkout page, you have to select the desired shipping method (Air parcel, Registered Air parcel or EMS)

- Prices subject to change without notice.

5. Adding or Changing:

- If your order hasní»t been paid, you can add, cancel or change your order.

- To add, just add and check out what you want.

- After we confirm your new order, we will combine these orders as one order.
- It is advisable to add a simple comment in the Remarks field on the final order page. (Ex. Please add to previous order.)

- To cancel items, just leave a memo and save on your detailed order status page.

- In the same way, to change your shipping address, receiver name or others, just change those in your detailed order page and save.

- Or you can send an email to us about changing your ordering status. But it is faster to leave a memo on the order status page.

- Because we immediately ship your items as soon as we confirm your payment, you may not change or cancel your order after payment.

6. Payment for order:

- Even after placing your final order, you can not pay directly.

- Payment for your order can be done only after checking and confirming our inventory.

- After confirmation, we will inform you of the exact total price including shipping fees.

- In General, checking and confirmation will be done within 2 business days after placing an order.

- You can check our confirmation of your order at the order status page.

- You can then pay for your order by entering the details page on the order status page.

7. Paying in Card:

- Transactions will appear under the name 'Hobbydecal or 2heckout.comí▒ on your Credit Card statement.

- 2Checkout.com is the best Paygate company in the world.

- Charges to Credit Cards will be for the total of products shipped.

- Any overpayments will be credited to your account for your future use.

- All prices are posted in US Dollars.

- All orders must be prepaid in US Dollar, Euro or Japan Yen before shipping. Sorry, no c.o.d.'s.

- You may be asked, at our discretion, to provide a scanned or faxed copy of your credit card information and signature for verification purposes.

9. Shipping:

- Orders are usually shipped immediately after our confirmation your payment.

- We check and confirm your payment via the 2CO.com or Paypal admin site within 2 Business days.

- Therefore, your payment status may be in "Awaiting Payment" or "Awaiting Verification" even if you've already paid.

- After confirmed Payment by our side, the status will be corrected to "Paid"

- At the same time, your order status will be changed from "Availability Confirmed" to "Shipping" or "Shipped"

- The basic shipping cost is 3.00USD but additional shipping cost may be added based on the weight of order.

10. Backorders, Returns and Refunds:

- If your item is not in stock, we will back order it immediately for you.

- Our aim is to deliver all ordered products to you within 14 days, even if it is not in stock.

- Backorders will be tracked & shipped as the product becomes available.

- Missing or Damaged sheets and parts will be replaced free of charge.

- But we may require you to return those products at your cost, for verification.

- If you return the product that you ordered from us in resellable condition, we will either refund your purchase or replace your purchase, the postage and packing at your expense.

- All refunds must have a valid Order Number and Product Code printed on the package or it will be refused.

- Email us for a valid Order Number before returning your item for a refund.

- We will not accept any refund after 7 Days for any reason.

- Refund will be given at the discretion of the Hobbydecal.com management

- Please contact us to arrange returns or refunds.

11. After Service:

- We will replace any partially lost or misapplied marking products for a fee.

- Please contact us to order the needed parts.

- The general price of one marking will be from 0.1 to 0.3USD (excluding shipping fee).

- Shipping fees are the same as for regular orders. You can save on shipping fees by ordering items together.

- You should accept that small markings might not be perfectly registered on film. It comes from limits of printing so you need not reorder those markings

- We would have extra sheets of our product for A/S Requesting. But always Extra sheets are not in our shelves.

12. Version upgrades:

- We mark all of our products starting from v1.0.

- You may be assured that all of our products are thoroughly researched.

- But it may be impossible for us to satisfy all modelers of all levels with our products

- After printing, we may find or receive other references from you or ourselves that we may add to fix the needed design for the next version.

- The future version upgrades would be negligible changes if produced.

13. Manuals and Instructions:

- All instructions for our products are downloadable from our web site at any time.

- We always update our online instruction files as we continue research or find faults.

- This allows us to offer a more accurate instruction system as well as providing printed manuals.

- Before placing an order, you can check and refer to our free instructions first.

- After downloading the recently updated instruction file, display directly on your monitor or print it out for your modeling convenience.

14. External Links:

- This site may contain links to other sites.

- Hobbydecal.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.


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